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Composers on Composing for Choir

Editor: Thomas R. Wine

© 2007 GIA.

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Series: Composers on Composing


Discover the craft behind your favorite pieces for choir!KBR>
Edited by Tom Wine. Featuring David N. Childs, René Clausen, Libby Larsen, Morten Lauridsen, Kirke Mechem, James Mulholland, John Rutter, Z. Randall, Stroope, André Thomas, and Gwyneth Walker.

Anyone who has ever wanted to delve into the minds of leading composers for choir will be enlightened by the commentary of leading choral voices in Composers on Composing for Choir. Learn how Libby Larsen views the changing role of the twenty-first century composer and how she sees the performance art evolving in years to come. Uncover René Clausen’s approach to selecting poetic texts for his pieces. Read John Rutter’s commentary on singing as an “expression of our deepest selves” and why he thinks amateur music making is so important.

In addition, master composers David N. Childs, Morten Lauridsen, Kirke Mechem, James Mulholland, Z. Randall Stroope, André Thomas, and Gwyneth Walker share their insights on writing for choir.

The composers, in turn, discuss their backgrounds, views of the creative process, and the relationship between text and music; they give advice on performing their works, approaching commissions, and mentoring young composers. They list individuals who influenced their development and careers and ten choral works all conductors should study. The renowned composers then conclude with thoughts on the future of choral music and supply a comprehensive list of their works for choir.

The insights in Composers on Composing for Choir will help any choral professional bring more thoughtful interpretations and more musically sensitive performances to some of the best choral literature. Conductors, performers, and composers will find valuable reference materials for their development and a treasure trove of inspiration to carry over into any choral endeavor.

Tom Wine is Professor of Music Education and Director of Choral Music at Wichita State University.

Categories: Choral/Vocal, Composition

Style: Other

Number of Pages: 251

Language: English

Format: Hard Cover

Discipline: Choir