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Brass Methods - Book

An Essential Resource for Educators, Conductors, and Students

David Kish

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This book was designed for use in a heterogenous brass methods class and as a reference source for school band and orchestra directors. It provides concise descriptions and recommendations for all brass instruments, including instrument similarities and differences, breath support, historical perspective, and transposition. The information is easily accessible and provides in-depth, yet practical knowledge for music educators, conductors, and students. Includes:

  • Instrument assembly and correct habits of embouchure, hand position, and articulation
  • Carefully detailed fingering and slide position charts
  • Instructive photographs for each instrument
  • Progressive musical exercises and compositions
  • Advanced concepts including vibrato, overtone series, and multiple articulation
  • Troubleshooting mechanical problems, common repairs, and maintenance
  • Recommendations for selecting mouthpieces, instruments, method books, and study literature
  • Brass “toolbox” suggestions for common repairs and maintenance

Categories: Brass, Method

Number of Pages: 152

Format: Book

Discipline: Band, Orchestra