Becoming Musical

Frank Abrahams, Ryan John

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Our goal is to be helpful to all music teachers who engage in musical experiences with students every day, in ways that are historically and culturally relevant. It could serve as an undergraduate textbook in music methods courses, or as supplementary text in graduate music education curriculum or psychology of music learning courses.

— Frank Abrahams and Ryan John

With the help of a team of educators with a wide diversity of experience, Frank Abrahams and Ryan John explore how music educators best empower students of all ages to be musical. The goal of Becoming Musical is to ensure that through school music, students respond and evaluate music in ways informed by critical thinking, feeling, and acting.

Written for in-service music teachers, music education students, and practicing teachers, this practical companion to Planning Instruction in Music offers in-depth exploration of musical understanding, musical agency, and learning styles.

In Part I, the authors address global themes that contribute to musical literacy and creativity, including what it means to be musical, allowing for and developing student agency, matching learning styles with pedagogical approaches, and the genesis and implementation of the authors’ highly successful Collaborative Solfeggio.

In Part II, thirteen experienced teachers share approaches to developing musicality, drawing on pedagogical methods by Dalcroze, Gordon, Kodály, Orff, and Suzuki while expanding topics to include music therapy, yoga, composition, improvisation, and using popular music.

In Part III, twelve musicians address the needs of music-makers from the elementary music classroom through adulthood. Adding to approaches discussed in Part II, the authors show how to use social media, music theory, movement, and technology in band, choir, orchestra, and with young musicians. Sample lesson and rehearsal plans make this practical and helpful, guiding students toward Becoming Musical.

Categories: Musicianship, Pedagogy, Planning/Management

Number of Pages: 512

Format: Softcover

Discipline: General Music, Band, Orchestra, Choir