Aspiring to Excel

Leadership Initiatives for Music Educators

Text Author: Kenneth R. Raessler

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After 45 years of hard work resulting in some of the most successful music programs in the United States, Kenneth Raessler finally puts his philosophies on paper to inspire music educators at all levels to follow his path of excellence!

Drawing on his career and life experiences, Raessler challenges all music educators to assess their priorities, their goals, and the sequence of instruction in their school district or their university. Simply put, this volume is a definitive work on the state and future of music education in the United States.

Never one to back away from a challenge, Raessler masterfully takes on a variety of critical topics from Building the Necessary Support and Developing a Comprehensive Curriculum to Avoiding Burnout. He also addresses the issues unique to the different levels of music education, from elementary school to the university level, offering personal insight into each.

Appendices that are humorous—yet essential for survival—round out this important book. Our favorites are the appendices titled “Dentistry and Standardized Testing” and “Mr. Wolfgang Mozart Applies for a University Teaching Position.”

Written by a master of the art, craft, and business of music education, this book is not to be missed! Raessler’s love for life and for the field of music education is contagious, and music educators at all levels who read this book will surely find themselves Aspiring to Excel.

Kenneth R. Raessler retired as Director of the School of Music at Texas Christian University (TCU). He was formerly Director of Music in the Williamsport Area School District, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The Williamsport Music Education Program achieved national prominence during his tenure, not only for excellence in performance but also for excellence and innovation in classroom music. The program was awarded the MENC Exemplary Program Award in 1985. 

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