Ancient Ways, Future Days – Music Collection

A Celtic Season of Songs by Liam Lawton

Text Author: Liam Lawton

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This beautiful collection by Irish composer Liam Lawton reflects the haunting beauty of his own Celtic tradition and carries with it the hope of future days for all people.

Ancient Ways, Future Days includes songs of hope, songs of tears, and songs of inspiration for the seasons of the liturgical year, all with a definite Irish flavor! Liam's bright, joyous version of the Magnificat features a strong, uplifting refrain that practically sings itself, while the haunting Celtic strains of "Psalm 21: My God, My God" create a pensive mood to begin Holy Week. "Pieta: The Silence and the Sorrow" is a heartfelt song with a stirring vocal solo for Good Friday services. "Let Every Human Heart" is an uplifting piece, perfect as a closing song during Lent. Ideal for the responsorial psalm or communion processional at funerals or memorial services is the emotional "The Lord Will Heal the Broken Heart."

As the title of this collection suggests, these stirring melodies will remind us of the wealth left to us by past generations, while uplifting lyrics are certain to inspire us to constantly seek the Lord of future days!

Includes one each of the following octavos:
Laudamus Te, Domine - Pieta: The Silence and the Sorrow - Magnificat: Glorify the Lord - The Maiden and Her Child - Evermore I’ll Sing Your Praise (Psalm 16) - Send Forth Your Spirit, O Lord (Psalm 104) - The Lord Will Hear the Broken Heart (Psalm 34) - Exsultet - God’s Holy People - My God, My God (Psalm 21) - Let Every Human Heart - Regina caeli 

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Format: Octavo