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Achieving Choral Blend through Standing Position - Streaming Video

Weston H. Noble

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Achieving Choral Blend through Standing Position—Streaming Video by Weston Noble with an Introduction by James Jordan

For the first time, Weston Noble’s lecture and demonstration on matching voices for a seamless choral sound is available. By using the principles presented, not only will the sound of the choirs improve, but conductors will realize an immediate enhancement in intonation and rhythmic clarity in their ensembles. Weston Noble discusses the beginning of his experimentation with standing arrangements, Robert Shaw’s use of this system, minimizing vibrato, improving singers’ listening skills, the use of the altos-in-front choral arrangement, and the use of the “flip-flop” to achieve different choral textures. An ideal companion to Creating the Special World! Duration: 2 hours

Listen carefully and learn from this fine master of the choral art.


—    The American Organist

Categories: Musicianship, Rehearsal

Format: Video

Discipline: Choir