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Choral anthems focused on liturgical renewal in the Reformed tradition.

GIA has partnered with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, directed by John Witvliet, to provide a distinguished series of choral anthems, edited by Pearl Shangkuan. The Calvin Institute’s unique inspiration consists of a focus for liturgical renewal within the Reformed tradition and beyond.

Image of John Witvliet

John Witvliet

Series Editor

Image of Pearl Shangkuan

Pearl Shangkuan

Series Editor

Tried and True

Christus Paradox
G-5463 - Text Author: Sylvia Dunstan, Arranger: Alfred V. Fedak
Preview $2.60
Peace I Give to You
G-6850 - Composer: Larry Visser
Preview $2.40
Takwaba Uwabanga Yesu
There's No One Like Jesus / No Hay Nadie Como Cristo
G-6098 - Arranger: Ben Allaway
Preview $2.60
Do This in Remembrance of Me
G-8693 - Composer: Larry Visser
Preview $2.40
G-6667 - Composer: John Ferguson
Preview $2.60
Easter Proclamation
G-6172 - Composer: John Ferguson, Text Author: John A. Dalles
Preview $2.70
Arabic Lord's Prayer
G-8488 - Composer: Laila Constantine, Text Author: Laila Constantine, Arranger: Greg Scheer
Preview $2.40
Ososo: Come Now, O Prince of Peace
G-7907 - Composer: Geonyong Lee, Text Author: Geonyong Lee, Arranger: Joel Navarro
Preview $2.60
We Will Rejoice!
G-6356 - Composer: Roy Hopp, Text Author: Sylvia Dunstan
Preview $2.80
O God, We Kneel before Your Throne
G-5944 - Composer: Roy Hopp, Text Author: Ruth Van Baak Griffioen
Preview $2.60
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