Allen, Milton

Dr. Milt Allen has worked with hundreds of schools, community groups, and organizations, reaching thousands of students, directors, and community members during his career. He is often credited as being one of the most creative, innovative, inspiring, and non-traditional music educators today. Conductor, clinician, speaker, author, and tireless advocate on behalf of music education, his passion for reaching more musicians at a grass-roots level includes extensive experiences in both public schools and universities in addition to founding a non-profit, The Music Guerrilla, which works with underfunded or underserviced programs in Rwanda, Zambia, Haiti, and Compton, CA, as well as other schools across the United States.

Milt brings a rare perspective to his role. His cross-genre music interests effectively combine with previous teaching positions in rural/suburban, large/small, and public/parochial environments to create a truly unique ability to connect to those he serves. His experiences range from teaching beginning instrumentalists in a boiler room, to premiering new works at the university level, to working with young African musicians learning to play an instrument. Yet always, from Glasgow, Scotland, to Zambia, Africa, and at regional, state, national, and international conferences, Milt’s humor, passion, and experience combine to illuminate the possibilities of both music and the live art of performance.

Milt’s articles and insights have appeared in music, parenting, and educational magazines as well as various newspapers, including the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune. He is also the author of Music, Artistry, and Education: A Journey Towards Musical Growth and Enlightenment (published by Meredith Music Publications, a division of GIA Publications).

Ensembles under Doc’s direction have received numerous awards at local, state, and national levels, including recognition by the United States Congress for Musical Excellence. He is a two-time high school Teacher of the Year, a Kansas Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist, and is listed in various Who’s Who publications. Other honors and distinctions include five awards from The Ohio State University School of Music recognizing his teaching and service and selection as a Conducting Fellow for the Eastman Wind Ensemble’s 40th Anniversary. In 2008, Dr. Allen became the first civilian in the history of the United States Air Force to tour as a featured conductor (USAF Heritage of America Band) and received an Eastern Illinois University Achievement and Contribution Award. Most recently, he served as the conductor training program guest clinician for the United States Army School of Music in Virginia Beach, VA.

Dr. Allen is sponsored by Meredith Music Publications, a division of GIA Publications.


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