Miller, Mark A.

Mark A. Miller has a passion for building community through music and believes that everyone is a child of God. He adheres to Cornel West’s belief that “Justice is what love looks like in public.”

A graduate of Yale and Juilliard, Mark is Professor of Church Music, Director of Chapel, and Composer-in-Residence at Drew University. He is also a Lecturer in Sacred Music at Yale University’s Institute of Sacred Music and Divinity School, and Minister of Music of Christ Church in Summit, New Jersey. Previously, he provided musical leadership for Marble Collegiate Church and The Riverside Church (both in New York City).

His sacred music is widely published and sung by communities of faith around the world. Mark’s Let Justice Roll (for chorus and orchestra) was performed for “Juneteenth Celebration: All American Freedom Day” in 2019 at Carnegie Hall. His album, Imagine the People of God, is available on iTunes.

Mark has led choirs and performed in Sweden, South Africa, Austria, Russia, and the Baltic states. He spends part of the year traveling around the United States (often with his band, Subject to Change), lecturing, preaching, and presenting concerts focused on creating community and advocating for social justice for all people, especially the LGBTQIA+ community. His music has been called the soundtrack for a new generation to express and celebrate hospitality, equity, and justice.

Mark resides in Plainfield, New Jersey, with his husband, Michael Murden. They have two adult children, Alyse and Keith, and a cat named Oscar.