Modern editions of unaltered music of the 18th century and earlier.

Featuring the unaltered music of composers of the 18th century and earlier, this series offers modern editions, carefully edited, and paired, when necessary, with texts, some in original languages, especially Latin, but always including an English translation suited to the modern church. None of the music has been arranged.

Tried and True

Anima Christi
G-10743 - Composer: Craig Colson, Arranger: Ed Bolduc
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Be God's
G-10501 - Composer: Danielle Rose, Arranger: Peter M. Kolar
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By God Kept Pure
G-10484 - Composer: Lorraine Hess, Text Author: Alan J. Hommerding, Arranger: John Angotti
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By Grace
G-10622 - Composer: Lorraine Hess, Arranger: Ed Bolduc
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Corpus Christi Sequence
G-10631 - Composer: Ed Bolduc, Text Author: Thomas Aquinas
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Holy Spirit, We're Calling You
G-10312 - Composer: Ed Bolduc
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Save Us, O Lord
G-10771 - Composer: Craig Colson, Arranger: Ed Bolduc
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On the Road of Mercy
G-10774 - Composer: Trevor Thomson, Arranger: Keith S. Kalemba
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