Society and Musical Development

Another Pandora Paradox

Edwin E. Gordon

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What is the paradox of music in our society?

As renowned educator Edwin E. Gordon writes, "Music is considered a special mark of humanity." Indeed, our ability to make music helps to define what it is to be human.

Yet the study of how we acquire musical skills, and the emphasis music has in our schools, is often given short shrift. Why?

In this remarkable book, Dr. Gordon imagines conversations about music and music learning from the perspective of composers and conductors, professors and deans, school music teachers...even the parent and the bureaucrat.

In Dr. Gordon's view, everyone in our society has a role to play in the value we give music and musicianship. And yet as central as music is, the best of intentions sometimes result in the de-emphasis of music in our schools—another paradox.

This illuminating book is a great step forward in understanding our own roles in the great paradoxes of music and music education. And only through understanding these roles can we hope to change society...and ourselves.

Edwin E. Gordon is widely known as a researcher, teacher, author, editor, and lecturer. He and his work have been portrayed nationally on the NBC Today Show, in the New York Times, and in USA Today. Through extensive research, Professor Gordon has made major contributions in the study of music aptitudes, audiation, Music Learning Theory, tonal and rhythm patterns, and music development in infants and very young children. 

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