Seasonal Missalette® - Digital Subscription

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Digital Subscription for $20.00 per year for first subscriber, $20.00 for each additional subscriber.


This is the digital download edition of Seasonal Missalette®. It is a word-only resource—no music is included.

Seasonal Missalette® helped millions of Catholics embrace new patterns of worship after the Second Vatican Council. Now more than ever, this classic and complete worship resource is here to inspire, inform, and transform generations of Catholics as we sing and pray together each week. 

Seasonal Missalette® is truly one of a kind and is the MOST AFFORDABLE and complete quarterly worship resource available. 

  • Lectionary readings 
  • Prayer texts for Sundays and Holy Days 
  • Eucharistic Prayers 
  • Reflections of the Liturgical Season 
  • Reflections on Sunday and Holy Day readings 
  • Reflection questions for Sundays and Holy Days 
  • Seasonal Responsorial Psalms 
  • Communal Rite of Reconciliation 
  • Communal Anointing of the Sick 
  • RCIA Rituals 
  • Seasonal celebrations 
  • Rites and devotions, including Benediction and Crowning of an Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
  • Blessings and Prayers 
  • Order for Morning and Evening Prayer 
  • Please note: The digital edition of Seasonal Missalette®  is a Word-only resource and does not contain a section of hymns and songs. 

A comprehensive weekday resource 

  • Weekday lectionary citations 
  • Full responsorial psalm and gospel acclamation texts 
  • Entrance and Communion Antiphons 
  • Solemnities, Feasts, Memorials, and Optional Memorials 
  • Ritual and Votive Masses 

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Format: Digital Subscription