A Community Called Taizé

A Story of Prayer, Worship, and Reconciliation

Jason B. Santos

© 2008 Jason Brian Santos.

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Series: Taize


The worship of the Taizé community, as it turns out, is best understood in the context of its greater mission.

Jason Santos explores one of the world’s first Protestant, ecumenical monastic orders, from its monastic origins in the war-torn south of 1940’s France to its emerging mission as a pilgrimage site and spiritual focal point for millions of young people throughout the world.

In A Community Called Taizé you’ll meet the brothers of the order and the countless visitors and volunteers who have taken upon themselves a modest mission: pronouncing peace and reconciliation to the church and the world.  

Categories: Motivation/Enrichment, Taizé

Number of Pages: 204

Language: English

Format: Softcover