The Artistry Behind the Pedagogy: Bud Beyer in Residence at the Grieg Academy, Bergen, Norway (2015)

List of videos

The Torso Watch
The Senses Watch
Stories Watch
The Rewards of “Showing Up” Watch
Lessons to Be Learned from the Object Exercise Watch
The Importance of Stories for Students and the Importance of the Community Watch
Extension, Projection, and Atmospheres Watch
Spheres Watch
Warm-Ups, the Torso, and the Imagination Watch
Qi Gong Watch
Qi Gong, the Breath, and Classique Position Watch
The Circle Exercise and its Impact Upon Developing a Sense of Ensemble Watch
Every Gesture is Music, and Every Movement is a Gesture Watch
Stillness and Silence Watch
The Importance of Stillness, Silence, and Catharsis Watch
The Significance of the Last Moments Watch
The Last Moment and the First Moment Watch
Communication from the Artist to the Audience - Physicality Watch
The Importance of the Breath and Audience Connection Watch
The Emotional Dynamic of the Performer and the Impact Upon the Audience Watch