Hurricane Harvey and Irma

In honor of the heroes who continue to help those in need in Houston and southeast Texas, we are pleased to offer the following hymn at no charge through November 1, 2017:

> As the Waters Rise Around Us (Mel Bringle, found in G-6861) - Download

> Music for use in prayer services for the victims of Hurricane Harvey from David Haas - Download

Also recommended, as found in many of GIA’s resources:
> Bambelela (South African)
> How Can I Keep from Singing (Lowery)
> Nada te turbe (Berthier)
> Stand by Me (Tindley)
> Come, Bring Your Burdens to God (South African)
> I Will Lift My Eyes
> God Weeps with Us Who Weep and Mourn (Haas)
> Jesus, Lead the Way (Borthwick)
> Come to Me (Joncas)
> The Cloud’s Veil (Lawton)
> You Are All We Have (O’Brien)
> Precious Lord, Take My Hand (Dorsey)
> Only You. O God (Haugen)
> Song of the Storm (Haas)

We are called...

> Let Speeches Fall Silent - a hymn after the Orlando massacre by Adam Tice - Visit Adam's blog

In troubling times, music provides inspiration like nothing else. GIA is proud to offer these two hymns for download free of charge. Please feel free to use these powerful hymns in your worship through November 1, 2017.

Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race - Download
Text: Ruth Duck
Tune: Tallis Canon

If You Believe and I Believe - Download
Zimbabwean traditional;
Arrangement by John L. Bell

In Christ There Is No East or West - Download
Public Domain

We’ve also compiled a short list of other appropriate songs for use in your worship. In addition to the songs listed below, each GIA hymnal has sections on justice, unity, freedom, and peace.


In These Times
Marty Haugen

We Sing God’s Truth
Marty Haugen

Two South African Freedom Songs
Arr. Henry H. Leck

If You Believe and I Believe
John L. Bell

Let Our Hearts Be Transformed
Lori True

Let’s Sing for Justice
David Haas

Seek Truth, Make Peace,
Reverence Life

Marty Haugen

Be My Hands and Feet
Tony Alonso

New Heaven and Earth
Jeanne Cotter

Sing of the World Made New
Hymns of Justice, Peace, and Christian Responsibility