Calendar of Events for James Abbington

Additions will be made periodically, so please check frequently or contact GIA.

Date Event Contact Info
Feb-11-2023 - Feb-12-2023 James Abbington
Music in the Black Church: A Kaleidoscope of Colors
Reading Session w/ Dr. James Abbington
First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor
608 E William St, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104
Feb-25-2023 James Abbington
Sing to the Rafters - Austin, TX

Ebenezer Third Baptist Church
1010 E. 10th Street, Austin, Texas, 78702
Tony Franchetti
[email protected]
Mar-25-2023 James Abbington
Sing to the Rafters — Orangeburg, SC

Edisto Fork United Methodist Church
356 Lariot Road, Orangeburg, South Carolina, 29115
Tony Franchetti
[email protected]
May-06-2023 James Abbington
Sing to the Rafters — Birmingham, AL

Tabernacle Baptist Church
600 Center Street, Birmingham, Alabama, 35204
Tony Franchetti
[email protected]