Voices of Angels - Music Collection

Liam Lawton

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Featuring selected titles by Richard Proulx, Chris de Silva, Rob Galea, Tony Alonso, and Michael Doyle.

In his new collection Liam Lawton explores the role of angels in our lives.

Voices of Angels is a prayer ritual that invites the listener into a deeper understanding of the gift and presence of God’s angels. Some of the songs in this edition were newly composed to enhance the writings and reflections of this project, while others had already existed in the life of the Church.

Through the interweaving of Scripture, inspired writing, music, and prayer, Voices of Angels creates an opportunity for communities to gather outside of the regular celebration of the Eucharist for reflection and prayer in another age-old worship tradition—but in a contemporary setting.

The tradition of our church has always accorded angels a very large place in its theology. Many saints have written about or referenced the presence of the angels. At various pivotal moments in the history of salvation, the angels were present. Their duty was—and is—to lead all of humankind toward the realization of the kingdom of God.

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Topical: Angels

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