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Voice for Life, Level 4 - Singer's Workbook edition

Red Level

Leah Perona-Wright, Anthony Marks, Catherine Duffy

© 2004, 2014 The Royal School of Church Music. Individual copyrights may apply.

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The Royal School of Church Music's indispensable guide to choral training

“A church or a school without a choir is like a body without a soul. Singing lies at the heart of worship and education. Voice for Life has a valuable part to play in giving life and soul to us all as we worship and learn.” —John Rutter, composer and conductor

Designed for use in schools, churches, and with other community choirs, Voice for Life offers five levels of vocal training for beginning through advanced singers.

Whether a child or an adult, singers will develop skills in five core areas: using the voice well, musical skills and understanding, repertoire, belonging to the choir, and choir in context.

How Voice for Life works
There are five levels in the Voice for Life scheme, for singers of any age from beginners through to advanced singers, starting with a preparatory level for brand new, inexperienced singers.

White (preparatory level)
Light Blue
Dark Blue

Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red and Yellow levels
Once the singer has become a full member of the choir, they move on to the four main levels of Voice for Life: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red and Yellow. At each level of Voice for Life there are graded targets which are assessed informally by the choir director. Once a singer has completed the necessary training for that level, reached the targets and finished their workbook they can be awarded their RSCM Voice for Life medal and the appropriately colored ribbon (for robed choirs) or colored lapel badge (for non-robed choirs). The singer then moves on to the next level.

Categories: Children/Youth, Choral/Vocal, Method, Pedagogy, Royal School

Number of Pages: 48

Language: English

Format: Softcover