The Artistry of Teaching and Making Music

Richard Floyd

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It is rare to encounter a member of the music education profession who cannot think back to those life-changing experiences that led them to embrace the world of music and make it their life’s work. In every case, what brought them to that transforming reality was the way the music made them feel. . . . It was a deep emotional connection that seduced them into the world of music. These are the moments we want to create for our students.

—Richard Floyd

In the context of an ensemble rehearsal, where does real music making begin? How can we also infuse our rehearsals with artistry in order to create deep connections for our students, beyond the correct rhythms, in-tune notes, and proper technique? How can we teach students to ultimately think for themselves?

With more than fifty years of experience, Richard Floyd is a highly distinguished teacher and conductor in Texas and across the United States. Over the years, he kept a journal to document rehearsal strategies that not only improve technique within the ensemble but also achieve artistic, musical results.

The book is a look into the precious pages of Floyd’s journal. Each chapter contains inspiration for the conductor and simple, unique exercises designed to achieve artistry in every rehearsal. The Artistry of Teaching and Making Music is a book to revisit each summer before the school year begins and as a reference before each rehearsal. It will be a priceless addition to your personal library.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Setting the Stage; Chapter 2: Creating a Happy Workshop; Chapter 3: Failsafe Fixes: Tone & Intonation; Chapter 4: Failsafe Fixes: Time; Chapter 5: Failsafe Fixes: Balance and Blend; Chapter 6: Failsafe Fixes: Articulation; Chapter 7: Failsafe Fixes: Dynamics; Chapter 8: Failsafe Fixes: Musical Line; Chapter 9: Failsafe Fixes: Putting It All Together; Chapter 10: Getting to the Art of the Matter


It seems that if you were to ask a band conductor ‘who should write a book with the title, The Artistry of Teaching and Making Music,’ the universal, instant response would be ‘Richard Floyd.’ With a wonderful career, having achieved the greatest success at every possible level of the profession, Richard Floyd crystallizes what he has learned, what he has tried, what he has devoted his life’s work to into this amazing volume. This book is for those of us working every day to be better teachers and musicians, just as he continues to do after all of these years.

— Jerry Junkin
Director of Bands
The University of Texas at Austin

This book represents the extraordinary compilation of knowledge and experience of a master teacher gleaned during a musical journey of over fifty years. Richard takes the reader to a rarefied strata of musical insights in which he eloquently reflects upon the art of musical leadership. The fundamental truths within this volume are a must-read for every music educator.

— Paula A. Crider
Professor Emerita
The University of Texas

Richard Floyd has been a musical pillar in the world of artistic conducting and music education pedagogy for over fifty years. This collection of essays and reflections will be invaluable for all who desire continued growth in teaching, musical depth, and expression.

— Kevin Sedatole
Director of Bands
Michigan State University

Drawing on over fifty years of experience, observation, and introspection, Richard Floyd has elucidated the intangibles of effective leadership on the podium and in the classroom. Floyd provides clear examples of how to create an inspirational learning environment without losing sight of essential craft and skill. This book is a necessary addition to a library for those who want to learn from a consummate professional.

— Emily Threinen, DMA
Director of Bands
University of Minnesota

The Artistry of Teaching and Making Music is an eye-opening, inspirational yet practical application, or rather an adventure in making the most of music education, in particular band instrumental study and performance. It is perhaps most valuable to music educators and band directors at a variety of levels, but many of the artistic insights seem to be of universal value.

— Nancy Lorraine
Senior Reviewer
Midwest Book Review

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