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That Teacher From the Provinces - PDF

Text Author: Carl P. Daw, Jr.

Words (c) 2020 Hope Publishing Company


Item #: D-H0005     Status: Available

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Tune Name: Salvation

Series: Unbound


Please purchase as many copies as are needed for leaders and musicians. Copies for use by the congregation may be reproduced with your ONELICENSE account.

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Categories: Hymnody

Seasonal: Lent

Liturgical: Good Friday

Bible Reference: Matthew 26:57–68, Matthew 27:1–2, Matthew 27:11–31, Matthew 27:33–35, Mark 14:53–65, Mark 15:1–25, Luke 22:47–54a, Luke 22:63–71, Luke 23:1–25, Luke 23:33, John 18:1–14, John 18:19–23, John 18:28–40, John 19:1–24

Number of Pages: 1

Format: PDF

Meter: CMD