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Teaching Music through Performing Marches

Carl Chevallard, Richard Miles

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Series: Teaching Music Through Performance


By Carl Chevallard. Compiled and edited by Richard Miles.

The first of its kind, Teaching Music through Performing Marches is a major contribution to the field of music education.

Part of the best-selling Teaching Music through Performance series, this much-needed volume explores the often overlooked, ignored, and sometimes poorly played genre of traditional marches.

Insightful chapters filled with the rich knowledge and experience of a professional military bandsman and music educator, combined with one-of-a-kind resource guides to the best marches ever composed, make this book a must-have for all band directors!

There is a huge diversity to the marches covered in this book, including the “golden age of bands,” the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the quicksteps of composers like John Philip Sousa, Henry Fillmore, Alex F. Lithgow, Fred Jewell, and others.

Teaching Music through Performing Marches is divided into two parts, the first written by Carl Chevallard, author, clinician, and director of the U.S. Air Force Academy Band. In nine thorough chapters, Chevallard makes the case that “Marches are music!” He considers the march horizontally (form, phrasing, meter, rhythm, and tempo), vertically (interplay of musical elements and musical leadership), and three-dimensionally (from the audience’s perspective), all helping to reveal a greater musicality in the art form.

The second half of the book offers complete analysis of 52 of the most significant marches ever composed, in the best tradition of the Teaching Music series. These Resource Guides include information about the composer, the composition, historical background, technical requirements, stylistic considerations, important musical elements, and suggested references.

A complete compact disc recording of all 52 marches is also available separately, recorded by Eugene Migliaro Corporon and the North Texas Wind Symphony.

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