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Series: GIA WindWorks


Conte • Stephenson • Grantham • Cuong • Kozlevnikov • Dooley

North Texas Wind Symphony Eugene Migliaro Corporon, Conductor

The latest release from the GIA WindWorks label, Taylor Made, features compositions by David Conte, James M. Stephenson, Donald Grantham, Viet Cuong, Boris Kozhevnikov, and Paul Dooley. Under the direction of Eugene Migliaro Corporon, the North Texas Wind Symphony continues the tradition of superior recordings of some of the best works written for wind symphony.

Winds magazine writes “This series has immense historic value in documenting the best of the repertoire…as well as providing much sheer listening pleasure for the level of artistry in the performances….these discs represent the standards to which all must aspire.”

GIA Publications, Inc. is proud to partner with Eugene Corporon and the North Texas Wind Symphony to provide first-class recordings that accentuate the comprehensiveness, depth, and value of the wind symphony medium and its music.


1. A Copland Portrait (1999) (8:44)
David Conte (b. 1955)/trans. Ryan Nowlin • Copyright © E.C. Schirmer Music

Three Bones Concerto (2013)  (15:31)
James M. Stephenson (b. 1969) • Copyright © Stephenson Music

  1. Cuban (2:52)
  2. Lazy (4:19) 
  3. Hip (8:20) • Tony Baker, Natalie Mannix, Steven Menard – Trombone Soloists

Symphony No. 2, “after Hafiz” (2016) (18:08)
Donald Grantham (b. 1947) • Copyright © Piquant Press

  1. Listen to This Music (4:38)
  2. Greeting God (5:46)
  3. I Hold the Lion's Paw (7:44)
  4. Moth (2013) (8:38) • Viet Cuong (b. 1990) • © Viet Cuong Music

Symphony No. 3, “Slavyanskaya” (1950) (15:22)
Boris Kozhevnikov (1906–1985)/ed. John R. Bourgeois • Copyright © Wingert-Jones Music

  1. Allegro, decisively (5:45)
  2. Slow Waltz (2:46)
  3. Vivace (2:16)
  4. Moderato, joyously (4:35)

13. Mavericks (2016) (8:02)
Paul Dooley (b. 1983) • Copyright © Paul Dooley Music

Total Time (75:00)

The creation of the WindWorks label represents an expanded relationship between the North Texas Wind Symphony and GIA Publications. GIA’s generous support and ongoing dedication to wind music has made it possible for the ensemble to continue producing recordings of the highest quality that are a testament to the perseverance and work ethic of everyone involved. While the first 34 releases in the series, initiated in 1989, remain with the Klavier label, this broadened alliance with GIA affords the opportunity to consolidate all of the current projects under one publishing roof. The diverse set of offerings consists of WindWorks (which includes the CD and DVD series), the Composer’s Collection, and the Teaching Music through Performance in Band resource recordings. Partnering in this way creates exciting possibilities that allow the imaginative output to stay focused on the ongoing mission: to provide first-class recordings that accentuate the comprehensiveness, depth, and value of the wind symphony medium and its music.

Format: CD

Discipline: Band


A Copland Portrait 8:44
Three Bones Concerto: Cuban 1.29
Three Bones Concerto: Lazy 4:19
Three Bones Concerto: Hip 8:20
Symphony No. 2: Listen to This Music 4:38
Symphony No. 2: Greeting God 5:46
Symphony No. 2: I Hold the Lion's Paw 7:44
Moth 8:38
Symphony No. 3: Allegro, decisively 5:45
Symphony No. 3: Slow Waltz 2:46
Symphony No. 3: Vivace 2:16
Symphony No. 3: Moderato, joyously 4:35
Mavericks 8:02