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Songs of Justice, Peace, and Love

Christopher Webber

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Song of Justice, Peace, and Love is a collection of over 100 hymns on a variety of topics ranging from the church year through saints and worthies to paraphrases of scripture. Each text is set to music; the tunes range from old familiar to very new. Many hymns could find immediate use by the assembly; others may inspire composers to create music uniquely suited to them. Christopher L. Webber is an Episcopal priest and author. Previous collections of hymn texts include A New Metrical Psalter (1986) and Hymns from the Bible (2000)., Recent books include Dear Friends: Letters of St. Paul to Christians in America, American to to the Backbone, a biography of James W.C. Pennington, a remarkable pre-Civil war abolition leader, and Beyond Beowulf, the first-ever sequel to the old English saga, Beowulf.

Number of Pages: 266

Format: Printed