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Singing the Unsung - DVD

Liberating the Song of God's People

John L. Bell


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Singing the Unsung is a dynamic, interactive resource designed especially for music leaders, worship design teams, and pastors seeking the revitalization of worship for the 21st century.

Featuring world-renowned composer and theologian John Bell, Singing the Unsung: Liberating the Song of God's People guides participant reflection on the theology of the Church's song and offers practical techniques on how we can sing and pray together with integrity. With footage from workshops and worship in both the US and Scotland, the two DVD discs include nine 30-minute video segments and introduce 30 songs from around the globe for congregational or choral use. Using the flexible downloadable discussion guide, the sessions may be utilized as individual segments or optimized in multi-day to multi-week workshops or classes.

Click on the link provided to see a 7.5 minute clip of Singing the Unsung

Tap into the creative vision and spiritual depth of one of the guiding innovators of the Iona Community, where singing the unsung will help you "plug into a prophtic community which has pioneered ecumenism, social justice, healing, reconciliation, and the renewal of worship in our churches."

Session Themes:


  1. Why We Sing
  2. What We Sing
  3. Congregation as Choir
  4. Improving Congregational Singing
  5. The Thin Place That Is Iona
  6. Christian Music Around the World
  7. Why We Worship
  8. Becoming the Body of Christ
  9. Living the Gospel

John Bell is an ordained minister in the Church of Scotland. Reverend Bell has produced many collections of original hymns, songs, and liturgies through Wild Goose Resource Group, including two collections of songs of the World Church. He lectures throughout the world and is primarily concerned with the renewal of congregational worship at the grass roots level. Reverend Bell is a member of the Iona Community and is featured in several programs by Living the Questions.

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Format: DVD