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Themes and Variations

Music and Imagination

Don Saliers

Edition © 2020 GIA. This material was published in its original form in THE AMERICAN ORGANIST Magazine and is reprinted by permission of the American Guild of Organists.

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Text Source: Essays from THE AMERICAN ORGANIST Magazine


“More than any other human activity, music has the power to reveal who we are and how and what we love in this world.”  – Don Saliers (from the Introduction)


Originally written as a series of columns for The American Organist magazine, Themes and Variations is a collection of reflections for music-lovers as well as music-makers. 


With each essay, theologian and musician Don Saliers embraces the connection between musical passages and life passages, exploring “the powerful way in which music explores a double journey into the depths of humanity and the mystery of the divine.” 


These seventy-plus reflections, filled with personal stories and thoughtful insights, make an excellent basis for conversations about music in churches, classrooms, or among friends.



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Number of Pages: 282

Language: English

Format: Softcover