Rejuvenating Senior Voices - Director's edition

Enhancing the Sound and Confidence of Mature Choirs

Text Author: Michael Kemp, Helen Kemp

© 2015 GIA.

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How can choirs maintain and improve their sound and performance skills when they have more mature members? Can older singers learn new techniques? Of course!

Here’s a much-needed, timely resource for directors of volunteer choirs. Instead of telling members they’re “too old to sing,” now you can teach them to have better singing posture, more reliable breath support, more accurate intonation, improved blend, greater expressivity…and a wonderful sound.

With a wealth of information and exercises that will elevate the skill and sound of your senior members, Michael Kemp shows how all voices can continue to be valuable contributors to the success and enjoyment of the ensemble. 

Michael Kemp founded and conducts the Philadelphia-area Academy Chorale and Academy Chamber Society. During his long career, Kemp built numerous prestigious church, community, and school choral programs. He has taught more than 400 workshops throughout the United States and Canada, focusing on enhancing the skills of volunteer choirs. His book The Choral Challenge: Practical Paths to Solving Problems (GIA Publications, Inc.) has become a staple for choral directors. Kemp’s recent book Innovative Warm-ups for the Volunteer Choir (GIA) offers purposeful, creative exercises that are simple to learn and fun to sing.

Also available: A Singers’ Edition (G-9025S) summarizes the techniques and can easily fit in choir folders.

Introduction; Chapter 1: Facing Concerns of Incorporating Seniors into Choirs; Chapter 2: Approaching Senior Vocal Concerns; Chapter 3: Teaching Singers' Posture; Chapter 4: Solving the Vocal Concerns of Seniors Related to Posture; Chapter 5: Teachig Breating Support; Chapter 6: Solving Senior Vocal Concerns Related to Breath Support; Chapter 7: Teaching Forward Tone Placement; Chapter 8: Solving Senior Problems Related to Tone Placement; Chapter 9: Teaching Open Throat Singing; Chapter 10: A Case Study of Vocal Challenges and Solutions; Chapter 11: Placing Seniors in Correct Vocal Sections; Chapter 12: Productive Warm-ups for Seniors; Chapter 13: Being Sensitive to Aging Singers; Chapter 14: Simple Home Voice Practice Procedures for Seniors; Chapter 15: Enticing Seniors to Join Choirs

Categories: Choral/Vocal, Conducting, Formational Resources, Pedagogy, Rehearsal, Skill Building

Number of Pages: 80

Language: English

Format: Spiral

Discipline: Choir