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Redeeming Love

Remembering Christ's Sacrifice

Shackley, Larry


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Accompaniment: Piano

Instrumental parts included: C Instrument I, C Instrument II, C Instrument, B-flat Instrument I, B-flat Instrument II, B-flat Instrument

Tune Name: Near the cross, Aberystwyth, Love unknown, Herzliebster jesu, St. christopher, Cleansing fountain


During Lent and Holy Week, there are many times when we need to stop and reflect to let the importance of the message of Christ's sacrifice sink into our souls. These six arrangements offer that opportunity and are flexibly written for performance as flute, oboe, violin, or clarinet solos or duets. The beauty of these instrumental hymns will leave a deep impression on the hearts of your congregants.


Contents: Near the Cross; Jesus, Lover of My Soul; My Song Is Love Unknown; Ah, Holy Jesus; Beneath the Cross of Jesus; There Is a Fountain


Categories: Instrumental

Seasonal: Lent

Ensemble/Orchestration: Solo

Format: Softcover


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