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Q & A for MLT

Choral Music Perspectives on Music Learning Theory

Jill Reese, Krystal McCoy, Stuart Chapman Hill

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Series: Music Learning Theory (MLT)


Imagine a conversation among leaders who are passionate about their choral music teaching, who have found incredible power in Music Learning Theory (MLT), who exchange ideas about how to be successful in the classroom, and who are eager to share what they’ve learned with one another. This is the magic of Q & A for MLT: Choral Music Perspectives on Music Learning Theory.

Drawing from their expertise, experience, and unique perspectives, authors Jill Reese, Krystal McCoy, and Stuart Chapman Hill—along with a series of guest contributors—provide practical suggestions for managing the challenges and choices in a Music Learning Theory-based choral setting, sometimes agreeing and other times highlighting differing perspectives that encourage the reader to consider what best fits their understanding and context.

The book addresses key topics, including:

  • Introducing an overview of Music Learning Theory
  • Applying Skill Learning Sequence activities in the choral setting
  • Addressing audiation and sequential learning in warm-ups
  • Utilizing movement in the choral rehearsal
  • Developing the teacher’s own musical skills and content knowledge
  • Measuring music aptitude and assessment in choral contexts
  • Adapting MLT for diverse populations
  • Selecting, adapting, and writing literature to support audiation
  • Considering strategies for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Access in choral settings
  • Implementing creativity, improvisation, and composition in choir

Through a conversational blend of research, scholarship, stories from the classroom, and humor, this book gives educators a reliable source for finding answers to real-life questions and suggestions for navigating the specifics of successfully applying MLT in choral settings.

Jill Reese is Professor of Music Education at the State University of New York at Fredonia and faculty member for the Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML). Dr. Reese is also the author of Navigating Music Learning Theory: A Guide for General Music Teachers and co-author of Q & A for MLT: General Music Perspectives on Music Learning Theory.

Krystal McCoy is a Professor of Music Education at Southern Utah University in the online graduate program. Dr. McCoy has been studying MLT in the choral setting for nearly twenty years and has experience teaching all ages of choral ensembles from early childhood to older adults.

Stuart Chapman Hill is Associate Professor of Music and Director of Music Education at Webster University. Dr. Hill also is an active conductor/clinician, composer of choral music for school and community ensembles, and scholar studying music curriculum and songwriting.

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Number of Pages: 270

Format: Softcover

Discipline: Choir