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Performance Practices in the Classical Era

As Related by Primary Sources and Illustrated in the Music of W.A. Mozart and Joseph Haydn

Dennis Shrock

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The Classical era, from 1751 to the 1830s and beyond, is one of the most revolutionary and creative times in the history of music. However, critical details about the performance of music during this extraordinary time have too often been lost to generations of re-interpretation, opinionated colorings, and changes in fashion and taste.

In this remarkable volume, noted scholar and choral conductor Dennis Shrock brings together in one place writings from more than 100 Classical-era authors and composers about performance practices of music during their time.

These primary sources represent the entire time span of the Classical era, writings from throughout Europe and the United States, and details on virtually every type of performing medium and genre of composition common in the era. Dr. Shrock quotes from diaries, instruction books, dictionaries, letters, biographies, and essays all written during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Dr. Shrock organizes all of these comments—complete with detailed music examples—in sections devoted to sound, tempo, articulation and phrasing, metric accentuation, rhythmic alteration, ornamentation, and expression.

What emerges is an insightful and colorful portrait certain to assist anyone who seeks to better understand the music of Mozart, Haydn, and other noted composers. Performance Practices in the Classical Era is a vital resource for any conductor, performer, or aficionado of classical music.

Dennis Shrock is Director of Choral Activities at Texas Christian University and a frequent lecturer, guest conductor, and clinician, serving as Artist-in-Residence and member of the Conducting Institute at Westminster Choir College (2010), Guest Lecturer and Conductor at Yale University (2009-2010), Guest Conductor of the Dallas Symphony Chorus (2010), and lecturer at American Choral Directors National Conferences (2009, 2011). He is author of Music for Beginning Conductors and Performance Practices in the Classical Era (GIA) as well as Choral Repertoire and Choral Scores (Oxford University Press).

Past positions have included Visiting Professor of Music at Boston University (2009–2010), Artistic Director of the Santa Fe Desert Chorale (1999–2004), Director of Choral Activities and Graduate Choral Studies at the University of Oklahoma (1978–2006), Artistic Director of Canterbury Choral Society (1981–1999), and Assistant Conductor and Choral Director of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic (1990-1998).

Dr. Shrock has been called one of the very top choral scholars in the United States. For his exceptional work the City of Santa Fe declared December 22, 2003, “Dennis Shrock Day,” Westminster Choir College granted him an “Alumni Merit Award,” the state of Oklahoma conferred on him a citation for “Contributions of Excellence,” and the University of Oklahoma granted him two “Distinguished Lectureships” and named him a “Presidential Professor.” < BR>
Dr. Shrock received a bachelor’s degree in music education from Westminster Choir College and both master’s and doctoral degrees in choral conducting from Indiana University. 

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