Participation of the Heart

Deeper Engagement in the Mass

Vicki Klima

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Written in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic while experiencing virtual liturgies, Vicki Klima authored this book intended to help the faithful reflect upon their participation at Mass and deepen their understanding of why we gather for worship. 


Ideal for study groups, liturgical ministers, faith formation classes, or any gathering of parishioners, Klima walks us through the Mass and offers questions for self or group reflection. She also offers insight on how to hear, experience and reflect upon the texts of the liturgy. 


Vicki’s passion for liturgy and her experience as a diocesan worship office director shine forth in the publication.



Categories: Catechetical, Formational Resources, Guidebook, History, Liturgical, Prayer/Devotional, Scripture Study

Number of Pages: 124

Format: Softcover