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Music Moves for Piano: Boogies and Blues

Marilyn Lowe, Edwin E. Gordon, Michael Brill

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Series: Music Moves


Music Moves for Piano is the first piano method of its kind. It applies Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory to the teaching of piano. When music is taught as an aural art, lessons build a foundation for lifelong musical enjoyment and understanding. With guidance, “sound to notation” leads to fluent music performance, reading, and writing. Some of the major concepts of this approach for students include:

  • Rhythm is based on movement. Feel rhythm and chant rhythm patterns. Move in both a continuous, fluid way and a pulsating way.
  • Sing songs and tonal patterns to develop pitch sensitivity, singing in tune, and a “listening” ear. Singing develops tonal audiation.
  • Acquire a listening and performing music pattern vocabulary.
  • Understand the various ingredients of music, such as rhythm, meter, tonality, harmony, style, and form.
  • Create with different elements of music, such as rhythm, pitch, harmony, and form.
  • Improvise using familiar patterns and songs. Transpose, change tonality and meter, and create melodic and rhythmic variations.
  • Perform with technical freedom and comfort. Learn how to use the playing apparatus from the beginning of lessons.

Categories: Method, Piano

Number of Pages: 36

Language: English

Format: Softcover

Discipline: General Music