Move Well, Avoid Injury - Streaming Video

What Everyone Needs to Know About the Body

Barbara Conable

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Series: Body Mapping


Move Well, Avoid Injury will be of great benefit to anyone who uses a computer, exercises, plays an instrument, dances, or breathes. Learn what everyone needs to know about the body in fifty informative and life-changing sections prepared by two masters of Body Mapping and Alexander Technique, Barbara Conable and Amy Likar.

Through understanding how our bodies are designed, and therefore how we should best move our bodies, this eye-opening video contains techniques that have already helped thousands avoid repetitive stress injuries, posture problems, and other chronic ailments that can be truly debilitating.

The helpful animations and clear descriptions on this DVD can truly change lives. This DVD is a resource you will refer to again and again as you learn to move well and avoid injury.

Editor/Narrator: Amy Likar


Body Mapping (5 min.)
Body Maps - Body Map Flaws - Importance - Discovery

Balance (29 min.)
Posture vs. Slumping - Head/Spine - Lumbar - Hip Joints - Knees - Ankles & Feet - Arms

Kinesthesia (7 min.)
Six Senses - Developing Sensation - Whole Body Awareness

Arms (39 min.)
Suspension - First Two Arm Joints - The Elbow - The Wrist - The Hand - The Whole Arm - Support for Arms

Legs (10 min.)
Dynamic Cooperation - Hip Joints - Pelvis - Arm/Leg Coordination - Knees - Ankles & Feet - Legs & Balance

Breathing (17 min.)
Lungs - Skeletal System - Muscular System - Balance - Diaphragm - Whole Body Experience - Gathering & Lengthening - Movement

Mapping the Whole (3 min.)
Whole Body - Articulated Whole

Correcting the Map (10 min.)
Draw - Questions - Anatomy Books - Palpating - Watch Examples - Gesture - Use a Mirror - Correct Cultural Errors - Constructive Rest

Inclusive Attention (6 min.)
Rich Attention - Inclusive Awareness - Securing Attention

Barbara Conable is the author of several acclaimed books on movement published by GIA Publications, Inc. and Andover Educators, a network of music teachers saving, securing, and enhancing musical careers with accurate information about the body in movement.

Amy Likar, DMA, is President and Trainer for Andover Eductors. She is also an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher and a professional freelance musician. She has taught Body Mapping at universities and music schools throughout the United States and Europe.

Format: Video