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Moments in the Life of Brother Roger - DVD

Taizé Community


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Moments in the Life of Brother Roger is a film about sixteen "moments" in the life of the founder of the Taizé Community, from his childhood in a Swiss mountain village, to his settling at Taizé near the beginning of World War II, to his tragic death during an evening prayer. For each of these "moments," which include times of doubts or uncertainty, there are contrbutions from brothers of the Community who shared his life for years; from old friends, including the philosopher Paul Ricœur; from Catholic and Protestant church leaders; from the secretary of Pope John XXIII; from Brother Roger's sister who lived in Taizé from 1941; from a historian, a biographer, and others who appreciate his compelling personality. This unusual man was always ready to take risks for the reconciliation of Christians, for the younger generation, and for the poorest of the world. The disc includes previously unpublished excerpts of interviews with Brother Roger.

This DVD offers two language options—French and French with English Subtitles.

Format: DVD