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Life at Taizé - DVD

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Each year, tens of thousands of young adults from all over the world converge on a rustic hillside in France searching for answers to theri questions of faith. Life at Taizé is a window into the journey these youth experience when they travel to Taizé. Each one is searching; each one is hoping to find answers through prayer, study, and interaction with others on the same path of self-discovery. Poignant testimonials from a diverse cross-section of young adults paint a vivid and inspiring picture of how they live, work, and pray together at Taizé. It is in the eyes of these future leaders that we see the hope of a world of reconciliation and peace dawning. Life at Taizé provides the perfect invitation for youth groups or schools planning their first visit to the Taizé community. The 16 minute DVD moves swiftly through the story of Taizé to focus on the international youth meetings at the Taizé Community. The enthusiasm with which young adults from various parts of the world speak of their experience at Taizé is contagious. In a way that is likely to make many others want to share this experience, they tell us what a week at Taizé is really like. This DVD is in three different languages: English, Spanish and French.

Format: DVD