Liber Cantualis - Latin and English edition

Gregorian Melodies

Abbaye de Solesmes

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Latin Chants for the Ordinary of the Mass, with Chants for other occasions.

The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of Vatican II asks that care should be taken in preparing the books of Gregorian Chant - #117 "care should be taken in the production of editions to include simple melodies for use in small parish churches."

The first edition of the Liber Cantualis was published in 1995 and has been re-edited mainly to achieve a good English translation of the texts. It contains the most familiar chants of the Mass, and four examples of the Alleluias. A second part contains chants for the sprinkling of Holy Water at Sunday Masses, seven easy to sing settings of the Ordinaries (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus) two Credo (Creeds), Mass for the Dead, and the best known Sequences: Victimae Paschali Laudes, Veni Sancti Spiritus, Ecce Panis (Lauda Sion), Stabat Mater; a third part includes various chants in honor of the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady and also chants for different liturgical Seasons, Gospel texts (magnificat, etc.), a few psalms and the complete Office of Compline. Many different countries and parishes use pieces in Latin and Gregorian Chant. This little book, with an English translation, may be of great help.

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