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Leadership Success:A holistic approach to developing your student leadership program - DVD

Tim Lautzenheiser


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Preparing students for leadership can be just as important as preparing them as scholars. Leadership Success is a complete student leadership curriculum, written and produced by some of our most experienced educators, including Tim Lautzenheiser, Patrick Sheridan, Jon Gomez, and Scott Lang.

This dynamic and original approach to student leadership includes a 70-minute DVD and an accompanying CD-ROM filled with dozens of downloadable lesson plans and thought-provoking activities. Each document may be photocopied and distributed as is or may be edited to meet the individual needs of your organization.

Use Leadership Success to teach a lesson or as the basis for an entire leadership workshop or retreat. It's straightforward, effective, and easy to use-an absolute must for any teacher who believes that student leadership can make the difference between success and failure.

DVD running time 1 hour 6 minutes.

CD-ROM contains files in Microsoft Word format.

Tim Lautzeheiser is a nationally respected leadership clinician. Scott Lang and Jon Gomez are music educators and motivational speakers residing in Arizona. Together with brass virtuoso Pat Sheridan, Scott and Jon have co-founded Synergy Leadership Endeavors.

Categories: Leadership

Format: DVD

Discipline: Band, Choir, Orchestra