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Known Unknowns

100 Contemporary Texts to Common Tunes

Text Author: John L. Bell, Graham Maule

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Most of the tunes found in Known Unknowns will be well known to people who have some familiarity with hymns and folk songs.

The unknown factor is the texts. Some have appeared in previous Iona publications to known tunes; some to dedicated, original tunes. Almost fifty percent of the texts in Known Unknowns have never appeared in a hymnal or song book. The texts represent a wide gamut of subject matter, from psalm paraphrases to songs about ecology, abuse, money, depression, and delight. They are intended for churches where there is no musician, churches where there is a reticence to sing new songs, or churches where the praise of God has been kept separate from the concerns of the world.

Several indexes are provided, including by tune and by topic; the vast majority of the tunes can be found in any hymnal, while the topical index should be helpful when looking for songs to suit a particular theme in the readings or liturgy.

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