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Jump Right In: Recorder Book Only

2020 Revision

Richard F. Grunow, Christopher D. Azzara, Edwin E. Gordon

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Series: Jump Right In


This edition includes ONLY the physical book and will not include access to the online audio files. 

The third revision of Jump Right In is easier to use and as musical as ever! Highlights include the following:

  • The series is research based and field tested.

  • Appropriate for the following classes: elementary instrumental, general music at elementary, middle school, and high school. Also appropriate for college teachers who teach instrumental methods classes, vocal-general methods, and aural skills classes. 
  • There are 42 songs for listening and performing with accompaniments. 
  • Songs are notated and performed at musical tempos with characteristic rhythms. 
  • Contains recordings and notation for over 300 folk songs and classical melodies from many cultures in a variety of tonalities, meters, and styles.
  • Available in two editions: one with access to Online Audio Files and one without. The audio files include (1) articulation exercises, (2) songs, bass lines, harmony parts, and accompaniments, (3) tonal patterns (neutral syllable and solfège syllables based on function), (4) rhythm patterns (neutral syllable and rhythm syllables based on function), (5) melodic patterns and accompaniments, and (6) musical enrichment (30 songs performed on recorder with accompaniments for students’ performance). 
  • Uses major and minor tonalities—G major, E minor, F major, B-flat major, and G minor.
  • Uses both duple and triple meters—2/4, 4/4, cut time, 6/8, 3/8, and 3/4.
  • Includes full range fingering charts based on solfège and note names and a chromatic fingering chart based on note names.
  • Offers in-depth procedures for playing by ear and improvising—a unique and distinctive aspect of the series.
  • The procedures for learning music notation and music theory for reading, writing, arranging, and composing.  
  • Provides procedures for assessing performance (criterion etudes, rating scales, and embedded assessment) and knowledge (multiple choice, true-false, matching, and fill in the blanks) .
  • There is an extensive Teacher’s Guide and coordinating rhythm flashcards and a rhythm flashcard app.

This series includes audio files of the highest quality, is adaptable to the individual needs of your students, and features appropriate sequencing of activities to help students progress from sound to sight.

Categories: Beginner/Young, Method, Recorder

Number of Pages: 64

Discipline: General Music