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Instrument Timbre Preference Test - Scoring Masks

Edwin E. Gordon

© 1984 GIA.

Item #: G-2830SM     Status: Available

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Series: Music Testing


Reduce the dropout rate of beginning band students - improve the performance of beginning band students

This test objectively assists students nine years of age and older in selecting an appropriate brass or woodwind instrument to learn to play. Studies show that students who play instruments that match their timbre preference perform better and have a 50 percent lower dropout rate than students who play instruments not matched to their timbre preference. (See manual and research monograph.)

The Instrument Timbre Preference Test requires less than 30 minutes to administer. Students listen to a CD recording of different sounds and indicate on an answer sheet which ones they prefer. Kit includes 100 answer sheets, CD, scoring masks, class record sheets, and three research monographs. May be machine scored, and GIA Publications, Inc., scoring service is available. 

Categories: Assessment/Testing

Style: Other

Language: English