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I Wanna Be a Dinosaur

Matthew Haugen, Stephanie Mirocha

Words © 2015 GIA. Illustrations © 2015 Stephanie Mirocha.

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Illustrated by Stephanie Mirocha

Have you ever loved donsaurs so much you wished you could be one?

From gentle—but huge—plant eaters to fierce meat eaters, join a family traveling through their day pretending to be twelve different dinosaurs.

Inspired by dionsaurs and the kids who love them, composer and musician Marty Haugen conceived this project with his own grandchildren in mind. Enlisting the help of his son Matt and award-winning illustrator Stephanie Mirocha, this book is filled with life, vibrant color, unforgettable situations, lots of dinosaurs—and of course two pages packed with the latest scientific information.

This is a book that young dinosaur fans in our lives are going to want to return to again and again!

Matt Haugen has written professionally as a journalist and in the nonprofit world. He’s a graduate of Northwestern University and enjoys exercising his imagination

Stephanie Mirocha is an award-winning artist and published poet. She has illustrated three previous children’s picture books portraying the beauty of earth’s creatures.

Marty Haugen is a composer with over 30 recordings, but this is his first experience of writing music for  dinosaurs.

Download this free mp3 containing songs recorded on Marty's I Wanna Be a Dinosaur CD and adapted to accompany the story.

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Categories: Children/Youth, Picture Books

Number of Pages: 24

Language: English

Format: Hard Cover

Suitable for Children: Yes