Hymns for a Pilgrim People

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New from GIA Publications and The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches

Hymns for a Pilgrim People A hymnal by our churches — a hymnal for our churches!

Assembled by a team of Congregationalists for Congregational churches, Hymns for a Pilgrim People will serve your church for many years to come. Unite with your sister churches across the globe by worshiping with a Congregational hymnal that:

* Celebrates the diversity of Christian hymnody * Includes many of the best-loved traditional hymns * Recognizes Congregational hymn writers of the past and present * Includes all 150 Psalms with musical and speaking options

This new hymnal includes traditional hymns along with gospel songs, praise songs, new hymns, spirituals, contemporary songs, and children’s songs.

* 570 hymns and songs * Complete Psalter with music * Scriptural, metric, and topical indexes * Service orders and prayers

When we share a common hymnal in worship, we share in the hearts of our sister churches as we worship. Come share in our hearts, in our songs, and in our walk along the Congregational way.

Fund Raising Made Easy When raising hymnal funds, the place to start is Page One

Our experience has shown that parishes can raise the necessary funds quickly and easily within a matter of weeks. Simply encourage each family in the parish to donate a hymnal in their own name, or in memory of a deceased loved one, or both. Parishioners welcome this opportunity-something they just do not get with disposable worship aids. With self-adhesive donor bookplates that affix to the inside cover of the hymnals-which we supply free of charge upon request-the name of the donor or the person they are memorializing will remain in church for years to come. A sample of these free bookplates and donor collection envelopes (available for $10 per box of 500) are enclosed in this packet.

So not only are hymnals more economical in the long run, more environmentally friendly, and more beautiful to hold and use, hymnals virtually pay for themselves!

BOOKPLATES Our free "donor bookplates" affix directly, creating a loving memorial that will remain in church for years to come. At the same time the necessary funds are raised, quickly and easily. You can download these bookplates here.

DONATIONS "The simple fact is parishioners welcome the opportunity to help pay for hymnals because it's such a wonderful way to honor the name of a loved one."

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