Harmonic Improvisation Readiness Record / Rhythm Improvisation Readiness Record - Manual edition

Grades 3 through Music Graduate School

Edwin E. Gordon

© 1998 GIA.

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Series: Music Learning Theory (MLT)


These two tests are designed to serve as objective aids to teachers in assisting their students to improvise music by providing them with appropriate opportunities and instructions.

When used with judgment and wisdom, these tests will:
1. Help determine objectively whether individual students have the necessary harmonic and rhythmic readiness to learn to improvise;
2. Indicate what types of general instruction in improvisation are most beneficial for individual students; and
3. Assist teachers in adapting instruction to each student’s individual needs.

Each test is less than 20 minutes long and can be machine scored. The extensive manual includes information on how to score and interpret test results.

These new tests mark a major new achievement in music testing, developed by the principal leader in music testing, Edwin E. Gordon. 

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