El Señor Es Compasivo (Salmo 103)

The Lord Is Rich in Kindness (Psalm 103)

Peter M. Kolar

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Vocal Forces: Two-part choir, Descant, Cantor, Assembly

Accompaniment: Piano

Guitar: Yes

Separate Instruments: Flute, Trumpets

Series: Cantos del Pueblo de Dios


This expressive setting of Psalm 103 by Peter Kolar is the perfect way to introduce your choir and congregation to bilingual singing. The refrain can be picked up in an instant and is a natural in either language. The through-composed flute part, though challenging, adds this composer‚ distinctive musical touch, making a fine piece even better.

Seasonal: OT

Liturgical: OT 8 Year C, OT 8 Year B, OT 7 Year C, OT 7 Year B, OT 5 Year A, OT 5 Year B, OT 7 Year A, OT 6 Year C, OT 28 Year B, OT 4 Year A, OT 3 Year B, OT 25 Year B, easter 7 Year B, OT 22 Year B, OT 21 Year B, OT 22 Year C, OT 25 Year A, OT 24 Year A

Rites: Marriage, RCIA / Christian Initiation, Penance / Reconciliation, Baptism

Topical: Mercy, Penance, Forgiveness, Grace

Number of Pages: 16

Language: Spanish

Format: Octavo