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Developing Musicianship through Improvisation, Book 1B - C Instruments (Treble Clef)

Christopher D. Azzara, Richard F. Grunow

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Series: Developing Musicianship through Improvisation


Learn to improvise with this groundbreaking, state-of-the-art book and companion audio recordings! With Developing Musicianship through Improvisation, you will learn to improvise as readily as you would join in a conversation.

Using the tunes in Developing Musicianship through Improvisation, you will learn a vocabulary of tonal patterns, melodic phrases, rhythm patterns, and rhythm phrases for a wide range of music, including classical, jazz, and folk styles. You will also read and write music, connecting your improvisation to meaningful experiences with notation.

Each unit has six components: (1) Repertoire, (2) Patterns and Progressions, (3) Improvising Melodic Phrases, (4) Learning to Improvise—Seven Skills, (5) Reading and Writing, and (6) Learning Solos.

Book 1-B includes "Greensleeves," "My Country 'tis of Thee," "La Folia," "Rule of the Octave," seven Bach chorales, and several partimenti—centuries-old chord progressions used for learning harmony, counterpoint, improvisation, and composition that musicians still perform today.

Regardless of your musical background, you can play tunes and learn harmony by ear—skills at the heart of improvisation. This intuitive and engaging approach to Developing Musicianship through Improvisation is a major advancement in music teaching and learning.

Book includes access to MP3 downloads.

Book 1 repertoire
 (2 CDs)—Long, Long Ago - Mary Ann - Joshua - Simple Gifts - Down by the Riverside

Book 2 repertoire (2 CDs)—When the Saints Go Marching In - Amazing Grace - Motherless Child

Book 3 repertoire (2 CDs)—Blues (Saint Louis Blues and More Blues) - Transformation (Rhythm Changes) - Red Wings (Familiar Harmonic Progression) 

Book 1B repertoire (MP3 Downloads)—Greensleeves - My Country 'tis of Thee - La Folia - Rule of the Octave - Seven Bach Chorales

Categories: Improvisation

Number of Pages: 132

Discipline: Band