Dancing in the Universe

Hymns and Songs

Text Author: Ruth Duck

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58 texts by Ruth Duck with music by various traditional and contemporary composers. Unison and SATB.

Contents: All the Earth is a Temple * Arise! Your Light has Come! * As a Fire is Meant For Burning * As Grains on Scattered Hillsides * As Pants the Deer (Psalm 42 and 43) * Christ, Jesus, the lowly * Come, All Who Long for Peace on Earth * Come, Now You Blessed * Come, People of the Living God (Psalm 131) * Creative God, You Spread the Earth * Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race * Fireworks Lights a Summer Night * "Ghosts Are Walking!" Fools Believe * God of Endless Life Unfolding * God of the Ages * God, We Thank You For Our People * Great Spirit, Joy of Earth and Sky * How Good and Lovely Is the place (Psalm 84) * How Good It Is (Psalm 133 and Isaiah 2:1-4) * In Solitude, In Solitude * It's a Song of Praise to the Maker * Jesus Took the Bread * lead On, O Cloud of Presence * Look To This Day * Moved By the Gospel * Mujer, Tu Luz Llego * My Heart Sings Out with Joyful Praise * Now Bless the God of Israel * Now Let Your Servant Go in Peace * O God of Matchless Glory * O Holy Wisdom, Show Your Face * O Radiant Christ, Incarnate Word * Out of the Depths, O God, We Call You * Prophets in Their Ancient Dreaming * Rejoice in God, All Earthly Lands (Psalm 100) * Remember and Rejoice * Rooted and Grounded in One Loving Source * Sleep, Holy Child * take Courage and Trust Your Creator and Friend * Thanks Be to god, our Great Salvation (Psalm 118) * The Call is Clear and Simple * The Earth and All Who Breathe * The Work of Our Hands * There Is a new Heaven * There Is a Song for All Wwo Live Alone * To God Compose a Song of Joy (Psalm 98) * Wash, O God, Our Sons and Daughters * We Cannot Own the Sunlit Sky * When God Restored Our Common Life * When the Wind of Winter Blows * Where the Waters of the Jordan * Why Do People Set You Up for a Fall * Why Stand So Far Away, My God? (Psalm 10) * With Fluttering Wings * Womb of Life, and Source of Being * You Are Called to Tell the Story 

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