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Cry Out with Joy, Year C - Choral Refrains

Responsorial Psalms, Gospel Acclamations, and Universal Prayers for the Liturgy of the Word

David Haas, Stephen Pishner, Paul A. Tate, Kathleen Harmon, Lori True

Collection © 2013, 2014, 2015 GIA. Refs. © 1969, 1981, 1997 ICEL. Individual copyrights may apply.


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Text Source: Refs. Lectionary for Mass

Difficulty Level: E


** GIA no longer publishes nor sponsors the work of David Haas. This title remains on our website at the request of (one of) the co-author(s).

Cry Out with Joy is a stunning and practical resource containing all of the sung elements of the Liturgy of the Word from five of today’s foremost composers of liturgical music. David Haas, Sr. Kathleen Harmon SNDdeN, Stephen Pishner, Paul Tate, and Lori True have created a distinctive collection of the complete Lectionary psalms (using the Revised Grail Psalms texts), gospel acclamations, and universal prayer responses in a variety of contemporary styles for the three-year Lectionary cycle including solemnities, feasts, and other ritual occasions. Text and tone are superbly reflected in each uplifting setting. This robust resource is both spiritual and catechetical. In addition to providing accessible musical settings, Cry Out with Joy also offers tools to cultivate the formation, education, and spiritual enrichment of the cantor. Seasonal commentaries, prayers for the cantor, and psalm commentaries along with reflections on the singing of each element of the Liturgy of the Word grant insight and a depth of knowledge that can prepare the cantor to “lead the assembly … to a paschal mystery encounter with Christ.” Recordings for each of the volumes close the circle, making Cry Out with Joy an incredibly well-rounded, accessible, and musical resource for the complete Lectionary Psalms and much more. 

Categories: Choral/Vocal, Lectionary Psalms

Number of Pages: 36

Language: English

Format: Softcover