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Composers on Composing for Band - Volume 4

Young Emerging Composers Edition

Editor: Mark Camphouse

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Series: Composers on Composing


Contributing Composers: Kimberly Archer, Cormac Cannon, Travis Cross, Carl Holmquist, Kyle Kindred, Eric Knechtges, Roy Magnuson, Michael Markowski, Timothy Miles, Michael A. Mogensen, Clint Needham, Shawn Okpebholo, Vincent Oppido, Kathryn Salfelder, Matthew Schoendorff, Ben Stonaker, Anthony Suter, Christopher Tucker

Foreword by Paula A. Crider

This book is about connection: the connection between composer and conductor, performers and audience, and all of these and music itself. Connection defines what the new generation of composers of wind ensemble music are all about.

While volumes 1–3 brought insights into the workings of veteran composers of wind ensemble music such as Frank Ticheli, Andrew Boysen, Jr., and David Maslanka to band directors at all levels, volume 4 centers on young and emerging composers and is full of insights and descriptions of new approaches to writing and performing music for wind ensemble. All four books in the series provide an invaluable resource for deepening the understanding of the composer’s art.

Each chapter is dedicated to the experiences and works of a single composer, culminating with a complete list of repertoire by grade level. In a format that is consistent throughout, composers discuss their earliest experiences in music and their thoughts on the creative process; the approach to orchestration, conducting, and score study; the relationship between the composer and the commissioner; how to work with young composers; influential mentors, works, and composers; and the future of the wind band. 

Conceived and edited by Mark Camphouse, this inspiring yet practical series gives directors a chance to go beyond the notes on the page and enter the composer’s world through his or her own words. The reader will gain a greater degree of understanding and respect for both the creative and recreative processes and will ultimately promote a strengthening of the band profession through more thoughtful interpretations and more musically sensitive performances.

Categories: Band/Orchestra, Band/Orchestra Curriculum, Composition, Skill Building

Number of Pages: 592

Language: English

Format: Hard Cover

Discipline: Band