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Choral Vocal Technique - Streaming Video

Evoking Sound: The Choral Warmup

Sabine Horstmann

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Series: Evoking Sound


"I am proud to recommend these exercises to anyone who works with choirs and to introduce this gifted teacher to a wider American audience. While Sabine is my friend, she is one of my most valued teachers and mentors. This DVD and exercise book presents not only some of the magical ways she teaches vocal technique but also how she uses the exercises to connect herself, in a very human way, to the singers she teaches."

— James Jordan

Frauke Haasemann and her teachings regarding vocal technique have become legendary. Thousands of choral conductors have benefited from her books and workshops. Now, her primary student in Europe, Sabine Horstmann, has published and newly recorded her creative exercises based on the teachings of Frauke Haasemann.

On this DVD, Horstmann demonstrates the vocal technique sequences covered in her book, which in the past have been difficult to convey on just ink and paper. This DVD provides an overview of choral vocal technique for choirs at any level of development. The sequential exercises Horstmann demonstrates can serve as the central part of vocal training for any choir.

Topics covered include:

• An overview of the “how” and “why” of vocal pedagogy
• Techniques for teaching posture, breathing, resonance, and relaxation
• Exercises for high range, low range, dynamics, and diction
• Suggestions for planning the choral warm-up
• Canonic exercises for developing voice and ear

Sabine Horstmann is an instructor of Group Vocal Technique and voice at the Robert-Schumann Music University in Dusseldorf. She has extensive experience working with singers of all ages. She is sought after around the world for her experience training choirs of all ages and abilities.

Categories: Rehearsal, Warm-Ups

Format: Video

Discipline: Choir