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Child of the Moon - Book

Jeanne Cotter

© 2001 Mythic Rain Publishing, LLC

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From gifted composer, performer, and author Jeanne Cotter comes Child of the Moon, the story of an inquisitive child on a magical journey of discovery. Along the way, the sun and moon, Mother Earth, and all of her creatures provide guidance and support.

Child of the Moon enfolds children in this circle of love. Companioned by animal friends, children are encouraged to sing their own songs, follow their own dreams, and cultivate their gifts to make bountiful gardens of their own lives.

Enchanting illustrations engage the imagination and celebrate the wonders of creation. An illustrated children's glossary, storytelling notes for adults and a CD of the author's captivating pop/vocal single, "Child of the Moon," are included.


With formal education and training in music, phychology, and spirituality, Jeanne Cotter is the founder of Mythic Rain, an independant record label and publishing company. In addition to a prolific career as a performer and recording artist, she is a nationally known inspirational speaker, offering a wide range of seminars and retreats. Jeanne lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Chrysa Otto holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). During her studies, she participated in a study abroad program through Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughn, Ireland.


 Jeanne Cotter discusses her children's book Child of the Moon


Categories: Children/Youth

Language: English

Format: Hard Cover