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Belong - Music Collection

Chris de Silva

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Chris de Silva’s welcoming composition style has a contemporary feel that is easy to grasp and facilitates the full and active participation of the congregation.

Many of the songs in this collection are part of GIA’s growing LeavenSong series, which contains quality music with a contemporary sound for today’s choirs and ensembles. Many of de Silva’s songs are also included in the Cross Generation songbook, a compilation of the very best songs currently in use in contemporary worship settings.

The recording is exciting to listen to and can help ensembles learn the music for their own presentations. “This Is the Day” and “Love beyond All Telling” both express our delight in knowing God. “Come to Me and Rest” is a beautiful song of comfort and consolation. “Make Us Your Own” is a carefree declaration of faithfulness. The poignant words of Christ, “Eli lema sabachthani,” echo throughout the text of “My Savior, My Friend.”

CONTENTS: This Is the Day (G-7307) - Love beyond All Telling (G-7609)- Come to Me and Rest (G-7611) - Make Us Your Own (G-7679) - Don’t Turn Away (G- 7574) - My Savior, My Friend (G-7575) - To Follow You (G-7610) - Walk with You (G-7680) - Holy Spirit (G-7678) - Live in Love (G-7682) - Words of Everlasting Life (G-7681)

Categories: Choral/Vocal, Collection

Language: English

Format: Octavo